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As the first Yotel location outside of Europe, the NYC Yotel is a one of a kind tech savy experience for travelers just passing through or those spending a long weekend in New York. Visitors walk through a pristine lobby with white concrete floors and timber canopies to check-in at computer kiosks encased in light oak timber and soothing purple LED lights. Even more impressive, visitors’ luggage is taken and stored by a giant robotic arm, making a spectacle of a regularly routine and behind-the-scenes action. Between duties, the Yobot performs mechanical tricks and entertains guests behind its glass case.

Though the hotel brand is known for their capsule rooms, the New York Yotel contains 669 full sized cabins, including first class and VIP suites, some even with rotating beds! As the centerpiece of each cabin, the beds are super comfy and comprised of British-made natural wood and coconut-fiber mattresses, both are environmentally friendly and have higher customer rated than Memory Foam. Each room is expertly designed for optimum storage and comfort, with additional modular furniture that can be rearranged for each visitor’s needs.

The entire fourth floor of the hotel is a unique open space open to both hotel visitors and the public. Featuring restaurants, bars, a club, and numerous lounges and meeting rooms, the whole floor boasts panoramic views of Manhattan and the massive terrace spanning the whole length of the building. Fold away windows throughout the entire level also allow natural sunlight to pour into the space.

Lastly, the facade of the Yotel is impossible to miss. Covered in a textured concrete cladding system along three stories, with a curving white sculpture hovering over the street, the hotel front is a piece of art in itself. Brightly lit with purple and white LED lights, it fits right at home in the spectacular Times Square.

+ Yotel

+ Softroom Architects

+ Rockwell Group

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images via Nikolas Koenig and Yotel