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Landscape Abbreviated is a kinetic maze where visitors are invited to delve into the space, and walk through its ever-changing design. The moving planters are controlled by a software program that generates new patterns by continuously crunching out math equations. Arms switch directions and those inside the maze must rethink their steps, and move accordingly. Their view of the sunroom installation is in constant flux, as maze patterns guide them to the far ends or middle of the room.

The planters have been filled with live moss collected from buildings, sidewalk cracks, subway grates, and anywhere else Jiang could find it growing throughout the city. Pieces of glass, plastic, and particles of garbage are embedded in the moss, creating an urban, gritty level of this peaceful experience. Visitors are reminded of the juxtaposition of where they are in a beautiful sunroom and what lies along the sidewalks only blocks away.

Landscape Abbreviated is on view for the rest of the month at Wave Hill.

via NotCot