In great news for NYC’s battle against carbon emissions, City Council just passed INT. 1124, a bill that will see EV charging stations installed in 25 public locations across all five boroughs. The pilot program will facilitate the implementation of the new charging stations at gas stations and municipal parking lots, giving electric car drivers many more places to charge up around the city.

NYC Charging Stations

It’s estimated that 25 percent of NYC’s total greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the city’s two million+ vehicles. Although there are an increasing number of people who own electric cars in NYC, most charging stations are located in private garages. In order to promote electric car use, the new initiative will see charging stations installed at up to 25 locations across the city, with at least two stations in each of the five boroughs. An advisory committee will report on the progress of the stations as well as a feasibility of future on-street charging stations.

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The bill was sponsored by the chair of the council’s Environmental Protection Committee, Costa Constantinides, an ardent supporter of NYC environmental causes. “With an incoming presidential administration that has pledged to undo our nation’s efforts to combat climate change, cities and local governments must now lead the way on protecting our environment,” Constantinides said. “New York has already been a worldwide role model in sustainability and we must continue to keep this work a top priority. INT. 1124 will help us reach our goal of reducing carbon emissions by encouraging sustainable habits. A pilot program for electric-vehicle charging stations will encourage more New Yorkers to use electric cars.”

Via the Queens Tribune

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