First they came for your soda, and now they’re here for your salt. This week, the New York State Supreme Court upheld the sodium warning rule, a now obligatory regulation that requires chain restaurants to display salt warning icons next to menu items that have 2,300 milligrams (the total recommended daily limit) or more of sodium. The rule is part of the National Salt Reduction Initiative, which seeks to work with restaurants across the city to improve the health of New Yorkers.

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The sodium warning rule was passed unanimously in September 2015 by the New York City Board of Health, but needed to be upheld by the NY State Supreme Court in order to be recognized as a regulation.

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Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and strokes have all been linked to high levels of sodium. Considering that the average New Yorker consumes nearly 40% more sodium than the recommended daily limit, the new rule seems to be justified.

“If your meal has so much sodium that it merits a salt shaker on the menu, then – for the sake of your health – order something else,” said Mayor de Blasio. “Too many New Yorkers are at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke due to high sodium intake, and this salt shaker will help New Yorkers make better decisions about their diet — ultimately leading to a healthier and quite possibly a longer life.”

According to the new regulation, chain restaurants with 15 or more locations have until March 1st to comply with the new requirement or risk facing a fine. Locations without printed menus will have to place a warning statement where customers place their order.

Anyway you shake it, the new salt rule means that New Yorkers will be informed with the necessary info to make betters decisions for their health.

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