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Sunrise Yard consolidates the DOT’s maintenance programs into one facility located in a residential area of Queens. Designed by Gruzen Samton • IBI Group, the 27,000 sq. ft. building provides a home base for the carpenters, electricians, and plumbers who maintain and support the DOT’s portfolio of buildings. The building is organized into three zones that meet functional and environmental objectives: offices and personnel support, workshops, and a stock room.

Low-tech strategies were used extensively to minimize energy use and achieve a high level of sustainability, so much so that the project has been awarded LEED Platinum certification. In fact, the building uses 85% less energy than a regular building. The roof has distinctive saw-toothed profile with skylights that fill the workshops with lots of natural daylight. Requirements for systems, daylight and finishes were separately defined, and this became the core of the design and green strategies. The project also serves as a model for the Department of Design + Construction for future sustainable facilities.

+ Gruzen Samton • IBI Group

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