It seems that NYC’s new micro-apartment trend has already taken off before the first unit has even been built. The Department of Housing Preservation, the Citizens Housing Planning Council and NYC Development Commissioner Matthew Wambua just announced a new request for proposals for two or three more micro-unit developments for the city. The winning plans from this batch will join nARCHITECTS‘ “My Micro NY” project, which won the initial adAPT NYC competition.

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According to a statement made to the Observer, the new proposals will be site-specific to several city-owned sites that the Department of Housing Preservation and Development are currently examining. After Development Commissioner Wambua made the announcement, Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota chimed in, expressing his opinion that affordable housing is one of New York’s most pressing concerns. Lhota also said that the two or three more micro-unit complexes will also require the need for more retail and supermarket spaces, and hinted at the possibility of using city-owned land for these projects.

Like nARCHITECTS’ project, which will be developed by Monadnock Development, the requests for proposals will require plans that feature forty percent of the housing to be “affordable.” My Micro NY will feature rents from $940 to $1,800 throughout the fifty five units, and be largely prefabricated.

Once the city-owned sites are investigated, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development will announce specifics for the requests for proposals.

Via The Observer