This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office announced a new sustainability initiative focused on film and television productions operating in the city. The “NYC Film Green” Program is aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of the city’s $9 billion film and television industry. The voluntary initiative is designed to encourage production operations to adopt sustainable practices such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and staff education, for the greater goal of reducing the environmental impact of a booming industry in America’s largest city.

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Rolling out NYC Film Green, which supports the mayor’s larger OneNYC sustainability plan, makes New York the first US city in which the local government sets standards and supports green efforts within the film and television industry. “As a global leader in the film and entertainment industry, NYC must lead by example when it comes to sustainability and waste reduction on sets. NYC Film Green will give production crews the tools and incentive they need to reduce their carbon footprint and be good neighbors in their communities,” said de Blasio in a statement.

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New York’s film and television industry is massive, and continues to grow. Last season, the mayor’s office reports, there were a record-breaking 52 episodic television series in production, and more than 300 films in the works throughout 2015. The NYC Film Green program is open to all films or television series that have at least one day of production or post-production work somewhere in the city. Productions that successfully implement the sustainable practices outlined by NYC Film Green will earn the right to place a seal in their end credits and on any marketing materials that support their project.

“There is currently more filming activity in New York City than ever before. While this provides countless reasons to celebrate, we also want to be mindful of how this impacts our environment on both a local and global scale,” said Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment Commissioner Julie Menin. “NYC Film Green makes New York the first governing body in the country to implement a sustainability program for the entertainment industry. We believe it will make a significant and quantifiable positive impact, and pave the way towards industry-wide adoption of eco-friendly practices.”

+ Office of the Mayor of New York City

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