Community Board 3 (CB3) will be meeting TONIGHT at 6:30pm to discuss the proposal to use Seward Park, the nation’s oldest playground, as a 28-departure a day bus terminal. If allowed, the bus station is expected to bring over 1,000 bus travelers a day to the Lower East Side neighborhood, a prospect that clearly disturbs parents whose kids frequent the park. Those who don’t live in the area may not give two hoots, but approval of this station could set a dangerous precedent of the city handing over public, historic land to a private company, which could affect other neighborhoods as well. If you want to make sure the city hears these concerns loud and clear, please attend tonight’s meeting, which will be held at University Settlement, Speyer Hall – 184 Eldridge Street (between Rivington & Delancey Streets).

Whether or not you know or care about the Lower East Side community, what do you think of this proposal to turn a public park into a bus station?

Is encasing cities in giant domes the answer to our energy problems?

  • 413 Votes No way! It didn't work on the Simpsons and it won't work in real life!
  • 296 Votes It absolutely could be. Geoengineering is the wave of the future.
  • 508 Votes Depends. How much will the initial structure cost in $ and energy compared to the savings?

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