Residential buildings are responsible for roughly three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions here in New York City. The NYC Building Operator Training Program, launched this week by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability in collaboration with the NYC Department of Small Business Services, is a project that aims to dismantle that statistic and empower residential building workers by arming them with energy efficiency know-how.

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The new initiative seeks to help residential buildings reduce energy costs anywhere from 5 to up to 20 percent. Not only does this unique project advance the city’s long-term sustainability agenda, it also provides innovative and responsive job training at no cost to accepted participants. The training, designed for maintenance staff of small, multi-family buildings (with 5 to 50 apartment units or between 5,000 to 50,000 gross square feet), will be an opportunity to learn various methods to conserve energy, specifically related to heating, electrical and water systems. While all applicants to the free program will be considered, it is notable that employers who agree to a raise in wage for their participating staff will be prioritized. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. More information about the application process guidelines is available here.

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This 30-hour workforce development program advances Mayor Bill de Blasio’s One NYC mission toward a more equitable, sustainable and resilient city. One of One NYC’s most ambitious and robust goals is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Training programs such as this one move the initiative in the right direction, as they provide accessible tools to building operators on how to put sustainability into practice, and also strengthen the skillsets of workers.

The NYC Building Operator Training Program begins a soft launch on December 6th and will be fully implemented in 2017.

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