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The exciting photos show construction sites taking the shape of NYC’s subway stations, with progress barreling along. According to Gothamist, the MTA said that the cavern at 86th Street is almost half way complete, with a whopping 88,438 bank cubic yards excavated. Progress at the 72nd Street hub is even better with only a few more yards to excavate, and 177,873 bank cubic yards already dug out.

As you can see in the photos taken by Patrick Cashin for the MTA, concrete and structural work is well underway, signals and signs are being installed, and in some stations, the track has already been laid and fixed into place.

The Second Avenue line will connect with the F train at 63rd Street with a new entrance at Third Avenue, and eventually connect to 125th Street in Harlem (date TBD). For the first phase of this project, MTA Capital Construction President Michael Horodniceanu claims that the $4.5 billion project will open in December of 2016, right on schedule.

Via Gothamist

Images ©Patrick Cashin/MTA