Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office is launching a colorful new ad campaign to encourage New Yorkers to recycle. Called “Recycle Everything,” the series of eye-catching adverts will also promote the expansion of organic food recycling around New York City. The program will help spread the word about the city’s new recycling initiatives to better manage the 11,000 tons of waste produced in the five boroughs every day.

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The Recycle Everything campaign is part of Bloomberg’s plan to double New York’s recycling rate to 30 percent in just four years by 2017. This year the city started the recycling expansion by accepting rigid plastics into its recycle repertoire. Now the city is getting ready for the next step – encouraging the recycling and composting of organic food into viable fertilizer. Select high rises in Manhattan have already begun a food recycling pilot program, with buildings in Brooklyn and the Bronx to follow suit this fall. In the spring, areas of Queens and Staten Island will begin organic food recycling programs. Bloomberg predicts that the program, though not mandatory, will significantly cut down on the city’s waste.

The organic food waste program, along with the city’s other efforts, will be illustrated in a new series of ads designed by Grey New York. Set to be featured in the subway and on the streets, the artsy ads show mash-ups of recyclable products as collages. Bloomberg estimates that the recycling program will save a total of about $60 million in taxpayer dollars.

Images ©NYC Mayors Office