Another Thanksgiving has passed, but for some the wounds have lasted past the awkward family conversations and inflated waistlines. According to DNAinfoBattery Park’s famous feathered female, Zelda the turkey, was notably scarce during the holiday, hiding out under a picnic table and near a playground jungle gym. Residents hope that the old girl does not harbor any grudges with human visitors to the park after their T-day gorging.

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Zelda, who has become a sort of mascot for Battery Park, appeared from an unknown origin back in 2003. She was named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, who was famously found wandering through the gardens after a nervous breakdown. The bird usually spends her time meandering through the grounds or sleeping in trees, but kept a decidedly low profile during Thanksgiving Day.

Since most turkeys do not live past six, Zelda is estimated to be a very elderly bird. As an old gal, she must have learned to trust her senses and stay out of sight during periods of danger. She amazingly survived Hurricane Sandy, and now this urban fowl has avoided becoming dinner and maintained her position as neighborhood personality for yet another year. Cheers to you, Zelda!

Via DNAinfo New York

Photos ©Yuka Yoneda