Many New York University students pay approximately $14,000 a year to live on campus, but they may soon have a cheaper alternative. The private university is starting a pilot “home stay” program that would see selected students living in the spare rooms of local senior citizens, saving money and learning from their life-experienced roomies at the same time.

NYU Housing

The first “home stay” program will begin with 10 juniors, seniors or grad students that will bunk with local elderly people on the Lower East Side. According to the Post, NYU will implement the program with help from the non-profit organization University Settlement, which provides social services to low-income seniors in the area. The setup will not only help to reduce the students’ housing bill but will also give the participating senior citizens more monthly income.

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Although it would be the first of its kind for NYU, similar programs already exist in other cities like Chicago. Tracy Montes, an art-history major at The Art Institute of Chicago, told the Post that she prefers living with older roommates to those of her own age. “I organize field trips to museums, and I’ll read poetry to them,” she said. “When I was a student in Seattle with normal roommates, it was a stressful time. I was in school full time and working four jobs to pay the rent. Now I have time to focus on my studies and art projects.”


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