President Obama was in New York today to mark the opening of the long-awaited National September 11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan. The president was joined by survivors of the terrorist attacks as well as rescuers and the families of victims to dedicate the museum before its opens to the public on May 21st. Designed by Davis Brody Bond Architects, the monument’s halls were built to preserve the memories of those who perished and take visitors on an emotional journey surrounding the events of that tragic day.

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The construction of the National September 11 Memorial Museum is now finally complete after being plagued by numerous obstacles, from political issues to financial problems to flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. Despite the delays, the memorial plaza opened as planned in 2011, but the museum itself lagged behind.

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The $700 million dollar project has caused mixed emotions amongst survivors and their families, many of whom have questioned the $24 ticket prices and the fact that a profit could be made off of such poignant events. Regardless of how you view the altruism of those behind the museum, the new monument will serve to tell the history of the tragic day, and give insight to visitors from outside of New York. The new museum will feature uncensored video and pictures of the buildings collapsing –  imagery that is sure to leave visitors emotional to say the least. Remnants and personal articles found on site will also be on display, as well as rescue vehicles and pictures and stories of the victims, as well as the hijackers.