Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered on Monday as part of a nationwide opposition to the Spectra pipeline and successfully halted construction for the day. Vigils, protests and lectures have taken place at the Spectra site in the West Village for weeks as concerns over the unsafe and unhealthy fracking techniques used to build the fossil fuel pipeline continue to cause national controversy and even celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and Sean Lennon have gotten involved in trying to stop construction. While Monday’s large protest shut down construction, Wednesday saw Spectra’s first day of economic loss, indicating the possibility of the project slowly cracking under pressure.

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Over 100 New Yorkers painted themselves like skeletons on Monday and huddled under the High Line where the pipeline will run. They shook glowsticks to illustrate the dangers of radon leakage, and played New Orleans style funeral jazz music. They then bound themselves together with caution tape to present a united front against the dangerous construction. Additional protests in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Los Angeles are putting pipeline and fossil fuel drilling dangers on the map, and people are beginning to truly listen.

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