As the days get colder, things are heating up at Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park — or at least they will have to soon. After experiencing the year’s first snow, protesters have been bundling up next to fuel and diesel generators to stay warm. However, the NYPD and FDNY confiscated the generators on Saturday due to fire safety hazards, and since then, the protesters have turned to alternative energy to keep things moving, literally. Bicycle generators are being brought in, purchased, and even constructed right in the park, just in time to stay on top of the winter weather.

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Within 48 hours of losing electricity, protestors liaised with Occupy Boston and retrieved a number of bicycle-powered generators to take back to Zuccotti Park. Others are building their own and cycling together to charge cell phones, laptops, and lights to keep live streaming and communication constant. One protester estimated that 6 hours of peddling will charge a battery for 100 hours of use.

The bike peddling seems to be helping to bring the OWS community even closer together, with many volunteers alternating shifts to power the park. The New York Times reported one participant, George Pingeon from Queens, noticing an interest in the passing crowds as well, “People get really excited when they see these bikes. I’m going to ask the tourists if they want to help pedal.”

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