Could white powdered wigs be the next big fashion trend to hit NYC? Probably not, but you might think so after seeing IGI-USA marketing campaign for ODA Architects‘ new condos at 15 Renwick Street. Located on the little-known lane adjacent to the Hudson River, the under-construction residences pay architectural respects to Renwick St.’s namesake James Renwick, who was a 19th century author, engineer, and Columbia professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. The sophisticated condos were designed to lavish residents with optimal amounts of fresh air and green space, and feature large terraces perfect for philosophizing amid New York’s steamy night air.

ODA Architecture 15 Renwick St

Located on the Hudson River in a residential area referred to as Hudson Square, 15 Renwick enhances the quiet, yet charismatic nature of the largely underdeveloped neighborhood. According to the architect’s project description, the 11-story glass and steel structure will bring a “dual aesthetic of big-box industrial and human-scale residential” to the area.

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Although construction has already begun, the building’s 31 condos, with a reported price range of $2M to $10.5M, are not officially on the market yet. However, the marketing team behind the project has been touting the units under a cool Victorian-era steampunk vibe, most likely in the hopes of attracting a wide range of young hip buyers with disposable income.

According to Curbed NY, the building’s amenities will include a boxing gym, private parking garages, cellar storage, a zen garden, bicycle storage, a laundry room and a roof deck. Of course, only those units with private terraces will be able to enjoy the best amenity of all, which, according to the architects, is the ability to, “access to the natural world and reflect on the eclecticism of Renwick himself.”

That’s deep, man.

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