Dark NYC image © New York Magazine

NYC officials have announced that they are hopeful that power will be restored in Manhattan by Friday or Saturday this week. Nearly half of the city lost power on Monday night after an enormous explosion at a Con Edison power station on 14th Street and East River Drive during Hurricane Sandy. By now the rest of the country has seen hundreds of haunting images of the city that never sleeps shrouded in complete darkness south of 34th Street and even 42nd Street in some areas. While nearly 3.5 million people have lost power, officials are now saying that they think up to 323,000 customers in Manhattan can expect to see their lights on within a few days, but those in the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey may have to wait another week. Until then, Mayor Bloomberg has enlisted the NYPD to patrol the dark streets of Manhattan to keep residents safe from crime and looting. Con Edison has also begun to distribute dry and wet ice to customers still without power.

Via CBS news