A forgotten oil tank submerged in Pepacton Reservoir, which supplies potable water to Upstate New York, was recently found to be leaking oil into the reservoir’s water. The leak was discovered after people started noticing that the water’s surface was slick with an oily sheen, and the Department of Environmental Protection was shocked when they found two leftover oil tanks still submerged. After investigation, two pipers were found to be spewing gasoline directly into the store of drinking water .

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DEP-hired divers found the leakage to be spewing from a three-inch hole in a 2,600 gallon fuel tank, adjacent to an unpunctured 600 gallon tank last week. In order to cap the oily contamination, the reservoir, which is a drinking water supply, was temporarily incapacitated, ceasing its flow. The two tanks were then drained and sealed.

The mystery tanks were the leftovers from the construction of the reservoir, which dates back to 1955. Although the  oil leaking is a new problem, authorities are still unsure just why the tanks were left behind. An investigation is going to continue to find the reason behind the presence of the two tanks and will also search for other forgotten tanks.

Thankfully, the small amount of oil that leaked into Pepacton’s drinking water was minuscule enough to not effect the quality of the water.

Via the NY Times

Image ©Ossguy