The Port Authority recently announced that the opening of One World Trade Center is delayed once again. Although the building appears to be inauguration-ready from the outside, officials are now saying that the 1,776-foot office tower will open “later this fall.” Considering that the building has been under construction for nearly 13 years, the news of further setbacks should come as a surprise to very few.


So what’s a few more months for a building that has been under construction for so long? Beleaguered by ballooning budget costs from the beginning, the largest building in the Western Hemisphere has had quite a rocky road. Billions of dollars over budget and fraught with endless design criticisms, it’s unclear when and if 1 WTC will ever open.

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An exact reason for the latest delay was not given by the Port Authority, but the building‘s first tenant, Conde Nast Media Group, is scheduled to be moving into its new offices in November of this year. Last week, a Port Authority official reportedly told the Daily News, “We look forward to continued progress and opening up of the site, including 1 WTC later this fall.”

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Via NY Daily News