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Palaces for the People is a compact exhibition that includes the original architectural drawings, artifacts, contemporary color images and historic photographs of Rafael Guastavino Sr. and Jr. The gallery also includes tile fragments and a video installation that allows viewers to “visit” Guastavino’s spaces throughout the city. Highly successful entrepreneurs, the Guastavinos left their mark on over 250 architectural landmarks in New York City, including Grand Central Terminal, the Ellis Island Registry Room, and the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

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“As you walk through New York City, look up. You will see the Guastavino Company’s treasures hiding in office buildings, parks, and even subway stations,” said Susan Henshaw Jones, the Ronay Menschel Director of the City Museum. “We are thrilled that Palaces for the People has revealed the Guastavinos’ profound influence on New York City’s architectural character to so many and hope many more will visit before the show closes in September.” The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, September 7, 2014.


Images via MCNY, © Michael Freeman