New York architect Andrew Franz is well-known for his sophisticated home renovations, but his latest project brings that same brand of elegance to the workplace. Tasked with transforming a classic 1913 penthouse into the headquarters for a prominent investment firm, Franz’s team has designed a light-filled space that focuses on the health and well-being of the nearly 100 employees who will work there.

Andrew Franz Designs

To kick off the renovation, the design team removed several old partitions from the space and mezzanine areas to allow for an airy, unobstructed feel. With an open layout, the architects will arrange the 85 workstations in the interior, freeing up enough perimeter space to appreciate amazing views of the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan.

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Along with the open floorplan and expansive views, the heart of the office will be a mezzanine bridge structure or “circulation loop,” that connects the expansive two-story space and serves as a social point for employees. The bridge will have a coffee bar midway across so that employees and visitors have a space to relax or hold informal meetings. There will also be a chef’s kitchen, lounges, yoga studio, and gym integrated into the space. “Not only is this good for one’s health, but the circulation loop also generates the happenstance meetings and exchange of ideas that mark today’s best and most innovative companies,” explained Franz.

Of course, for those employees needing a little serenity once in a while, the office will also be equipped with library-style quiet zones and breakout spaces. “We balanced the desire for a strong sense of community and collaboration with abundant private, intimate areas for employees to retreat to,” says Franz.

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Images via Andrew Franz