If you’ve always wanted to check out a green home for yourself, head on over to Healthy Home Builders‘ open house today in Scarsdale, NY. The residential property development firm will be opening the doors of its newly built (and very green) 5,950-square-foot shingle-style residence, and they’ll be showing visitors the $3.4 million house’s state-of-the-art systems for clean indoor air quality, water purification and filtration, and geothermal and solar HVAC. The six bedroom, seven bathroom home also boasts a two-car garage complete with a charging station for an electric car, an organic vegetable garden, reclaimed oak wood flooring, recycled denim insulation and even a cistern to collect rainwater for use in the property’s irrigation system.

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“The architecture, construction and finish materials, as well as the systems of 8 Kent Road, were designed and selected with an emphasis on wellness for its occupants. With attention to healthy building techniques and materials, every product incorporated into the house will be a healthier version of products conventionally used in new home construction,” said Peter Donovan, Construction Manager, Healthy Home Builders. “By dramatically scaling back or eliminating construction products that could release pollutants, and by installing whole house air and water filtration systems, Healthy Home Builders is building this beautiful home with health in mind.”

Energy efficiency also plays a major role in the design of the super-green home. To reduce reliance on electrical light, the home is designed with a plethora of windows to allow in natural light for daytime illumination. A phantom power loss mitigation system also helps to reduce energy drainage when appliances are in the off mode but are still plugged in.

The home will be on view today from 12pm to 2pm today at 8 Kent Road in Scarsdale, New York. To attend, RSVP to Daniella DiMartino of Buzz Creators at [email protected].

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Images via Healthy Home Builders