Do grilled cheeses taste better when delivered by parachute? Probably not, but New Yorkers will get to find out this week when Aussie company Jafflechutes brings its air-dropped sammiches to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The wacky entrepreneurs from Down Under will be dropping their jaffles (if you have no idea what a jaffle is, we explain below) from up above at The Diamond bar some time this week. Cheese bombs away!

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Jaffle is just another word for a toasted sandwich – which we actually hope becomes a thing in here New York because it’s a lot more convenient than having to say the rather cumbersome phrase “toasted sandwich”. The word stems from the jaffle iron, which is often used to make the melty treats.

Jafflechutes, as its name implies, is a company that specializes in attaching jaffles to parachutes and then floating them into your mouth for a fee. Okay, after seeing the video below, it seems like no one is really catching the grilled cheeses in their mouth, but you could certainly try. Jafflechutes prides itself on being Melbourne’s first float-down eatery and now they’ve got their eyes set on Brooklyn.

If you’re interested in trying a jafflechute, follow the Jafflechutes Twitter feed to claim your sandwich, and to see the exact date of the drop. The event will take place at The Diamond, but you’ll need to pay for your grilled cheese in advance via PayPal (details on the Jafflechutes website).

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