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Lundeen’s gruesome masks are made up of random objects that may not have any commonality at first glance – the thread holding them together is their discarded nature and the artist’s creativity. Six foot tall canvas masks are strung with strings of hair, seemingly from well-loved dolls, creating scraggled Medusa-like manes and stringy beards.

The glossy super colors of magazine pages are transformed into wearable monster masks, complete with misshapen teeth, bulbous noses, and gaping mouths, bearing their original lives as epic MAD Magazine fold-ins. Al Jaffe, the artist of the popular counter-culture mag, would no doubt appreciate its transformation from literary shocker to tongue-in-cheek fine art. Even a campy music-note emblazoned blanket is turned into a character, with the plastic ivories of a cheap Casio keyboard standing in for the gritty teeth. It’s hilariously named after 80s pop artist Rick Astley’s hit “Together Forever.”

Aside from using reclaimed materials, Lundeen salvages something else – a slice of childhood. His most recent show, called “Good For You Son,” will open at Chelsea’s Mike Weiss Gallery on June 21, also marking the release of a 7 inch vinyl recording from his rock band, The Oblique Mystique.

+ Mike Weiss Gallery