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Pich’s cityscape structures adorn the center of the bustling Winter Garden at the World Financial Center, right near where Anne Militello’s showcased her glowing Light Cycles earlier this year. In the clearing facing the Hudson River harbor, eighty-three open-woven bamboo volumes rise like a city skyline, amidst the palm trees of the indoor garden.

Both tubular and grid-like pieces are joined together to represent the architectural diversity of a city. But instead of being made from glass or concrete, Pich’s sculptural installation is made from sustainable and natural materials – bamboo and rattan – a contrast to the resource-depleting construction happening in Cambodia. To further emphasize the metaphor, the architectural volumes are left someone transparent and open-woven, to emphasize the fragility of the city structure, and its effect on the land. The resulting volume is a striking skyline that complements the tall trees surrounding the piece inside the Winter Garden.

Visitors to Lower Manhattan can visit the installation, which has a sister exhibition at The Met, from 8am to 6pm each day until April 18th.

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