BKLYN Designs came and went far too quickly, but it was fantastic to catch up with Brooklyn’s best and greenest designers – including Bien Hecho. Translated to mean “well made” in Spanish, this local studio offers a playful range of interior furnishings that are all made with salvaged materials. From lamps to chairs and tables to a brand new mini water cooler made out of timber harvested from large water towers, each piece is uniquely and unquestionably sustainable.

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It’s not easy to harvest enough reclaimed materials to keep an interiors range alive, but Bien Hecho has devoted themselves to the cause. This year they showcased three different kinds of salvaged timber that are used to make everything from a rough-hewn mini water cooler that mimics the original New York towers that are being either dismantled or turned into art to a smooth, sanded chair fit for even the most elegant homes. Also on display was a funky lamp made from recycled fresno lenses! Check out our roundup of all the best green designs from this year’s festival and start marking down the calendar for next year.

+ Bien Hecho