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Most New Yorkers have seen the statue of Christopher Columbus that sits high above Columbus Circle, but “Discovering Columbus” promises an entirely new way to experience it. Conceived by Tatzu Nishi and the New York Public Art Fund, the soon-to-be-unveiled exhibition is a scaffolded tower that surrounds the monument, allowing people to climb up to the top where a living room awaits. Once inside the room, visitors will be able to view, converse with or photograph the statue from an angle that would have been impossible.

The pop-up room will have all of the creature comforts of a real living room like couches, lamps and coffee tables, so tourist can relax there for a while and also appreciate some breathtaking views of Central Park. “Discovering Columbus” is expected to open on September 20th and will remain on display until November 18th, after which it will be used by restoration workers to give the statue of Columbus a facelift.

+ Tatzu Nishi

+ Public Art Fund

Photos © Yuka Yoneda