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littleBits was founded by Ayah Bdeir, a senior TED fellow who earned her MBA at MIT Media Lab with help from an art grant from EyeBeam Gallery. As an engineer and maker, Ayah saw how fun and fulfilling it could be to build moving art using electronics, but she also wanted to open up this type of play to kids and adults with no engineering experience. littleBits gives people access to the right hardware elements they need to create dynamic art without having to visit an electronics specialty shop or hardware store and sort through bins or match up confusing pieces.

To show what can be done with littleBits, the MoMA Design Store recently transformed their windows into a wonderland of large-scale, kinetic sculptures made with littleBits electronic modules, wood, cardboard, and acrylic. The midtown location window featured a bicyclist pedaling a colorful Ferris wheel alongside several smaller displays, while the SoHo store showed off a mechanical Great White shark chasing a tiny lure. Don’t forget to click through our gallery for more littleBits goodness!

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