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Long’s signature sand castle is being presented as part of the Water Street Pops! series of fun and free summer events to bring New Yorkers and tourists down to Lower Manhattan. Long is a cast member of the Travel Channel Show Sand Masters and recently placed third at the World Championships of Sand Sculpting in Atlantic City.

When we stopped by, the top portion of the castle was well underway, but Long expressed his concern about the rainy and gusty weather in New York lately. In order to protect the parts of the sculpture that are already complete, he said he plans to spray them with water-based wood glue.

According to Long, the sand for the 18-ft-tall sculpture was purchased from a Tuckahoe, NJ dealer’s excess supply, and is a variety that is especially suited to sculpting because of its packability. Long also told Inhabitat that he plans to recycle the sand when he breaks down the castle at the end of July. “If they can come pick it up, that would be great,” he said. So if you’re in need of some extra sand and have the ability to move it around July 30th or 31st, please contact Long here.

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