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The MetroCards take over the 3,500 square feet of exhibition space at RH Gallery, making for an incredibly large collection of upcycled mini paintings.. The tiny pieces of plastic take on little meaning when tossed aside after expiration. It seems commuters rarely think to recycle or reuse their cards, since they can be found strewn on station floors across the city.

Seeing these blue and yellow cards as inspiration, Kagan and Roy collect them and challenge emerging artists to look at them as a 2.125” x 3.375” canvas.

Like the past two years, this year’s show is incredibly impressive. Dominated by realist painters, the movies seem to be a highlight, with scenes from Titanic, Superman and Breakfast Club dominating the exhibition space. Each card in the show is just $100 a pop, giving young collectors a change to snag a piece of art that pays tribute to their great city.

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