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More than an exhibition, “Stray Light Grey” is a total environment that turns the Marlborough upside down at the whim of Freeman and Lowe’s vision. The pair collected hundreds of second hand objects to outfit the exhibition, giving each room an abandoned feel.

Visitors begin by entering the gallery, which seems normal enough with a series of large paintings hanging around the reception desk. But step into the storage closet which leads to the restroom, and you’ll notice something’s amiss. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the soap dispenser is overflowing with crystals and then you’ll notice the “hole”.

These curious holes continue throughout the gallery and break through from one room to another. Each one is like a portal from one of Freeman and Lowe’s fantastical worlds to the next. The gallery bathroom leads to another bathroom, snapped right out of 1970s complete with carpet and a bathtub. Climb through the bathtub and you’ll suddenly be in a stark hallway that leads to an abandoned Off Track Betting parlor.

The weirdness continues up and down stairs, each step of the way brimming with vintage effects. The final stop is a gorgeous inlayed-wood library, complete with crystal chandeliers, sculptures and a collection of books – its pristine quality completely confusing the viewer in a good way.

If you’re in the Chelsea area, we urge you to check out this animated and adventurous exhibition.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat

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