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Neff created a similar installation last year in the same spot but used even more trees this year. Located at a busy underpass, Suspended Forest attracts quite a bit of attention and many passersby stopped to grab photos on their phones. The bunched together row of trees is both regal and sad at the same time, and an eye-opener to the waste we create just to celebrate a holiday.

The installation also brings a touch of color and whimsy to what is normally a chained-up, somewhat sketchy-looking area. We’re not sure if it was intentional, but a lone tree slung half over the fence conjured up images of a prisoner trying to escape his fate. And a few scattered pines below the others reminded us that most Christmas trees don’t get Neff’s treatment and are instead left on the floor as trash.

If you’d like to check out Suspended Forest for yourself it is located here under the BQE at Metropolitan Ave.

+ Michael Neff

Photos © Yuka Yoneda