It’s been a week since Hurricane Sandy battered us, and while many of us are now back on our feet, others in the Rockaways and parts of Staten Island are far from resuming anything close to a normal lifestyle. If you’ve been wondering how you can help your fellow New Yorkers, but are unable to donate your time or labor because of work or your own physical condition, Occupy Sandy is making it really easy for you to send things that people really need straight to the areas where they need them most. The local relief organization has started an Amazon wedding registry for Sandy victims enabling you to purchase the supplies and equipment that are most in demand. Just like with a regular wedding registry, the quantities needed are updated as they are bought, so it’s an effective way to track and update how many of which items are still needed.

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If you are getting married soon and have your own wedding registry, would you please consider directing your friends and family to this registry instead or in addition to your own? These items – blankets and throws to keep people warm, flashlights to help them see at night and coolers to keep their food fresh – will really make a difference for those who still have no power or heat and in some cases, no homes at all. Thank you to everyone who has gone out and volunteered all around the city to help Sandy victims so far. If you want to do one more thing to help, please consider buying a few things – even something as cheap as these garbage bags – off of this registry.

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