It’s only been a few weeks since New York dug itself out from under the first Polar Vortex and now the snow has begun to fall once again. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for today predicting eight inches of snow for the area. There’s also an advisory for hazardous freezing conditions until the end of the week, so bundle up everyone.

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As with winter storm Hercules, New York residents should try to stay indoors as much as possible and there will likely be school closures and delays on the road. Besides the snow, winds will also gust up to a blustery 35 miles per hour, lowering visibility to a quarter of a mile or less.

Forecasts predict Tuesday’s temperature will dip to 12 degrees Fahrenheit as wind chills make it feel like 10 degrees below zero. For the remainder of the week, temps will remain below freezing and, at times, could even dip below 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beyond New York, this unnaturally cold weather is part of a Polar Vortex that will chill a significant portion of the United States as well as Canada. Meteorologists theorize that this deep-freeze could persist all the way to the end of the month in some states. Bundle up folks – this is going to be a cold one.

via DNAinfo and The National Weather Service

Images © David Berkowitz and Frapestaartje