2014 is turning out to be a very “positive” year for + POOL, a project aiming to bring a floating, water-filtering pool to New York City’s East River. Last week, the + POOL team and Google Drive unveiled a new interactive tool that lets New Yorkers see the quality of their water, and how + POOL’s equipment is improving it, through simple and fun visualizations. The colorful water quality dashboard (which is currently still in beta) can now be accessed here.

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+ POOL was conceived by Archie Coates and Jeffrey Franklin of Playlab and Dong-Ping Wong of Family as an entirely new kind of floating, plus-shaped pool that would not only be a fun bathing destination for New Yorkers but also a way to clean the notoriously nasty waters of the East River. If implemented, the structure would draw in water directly from the river, remove harmful contaminants, and then allow the clean water to enter the pool. The purified water would also be pumped back into the river, improving the quality of the waterway.

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“It’s basically a giant strainer that you drop into the river,” explained + POOL co-founder Dong-Ping Wong. “The walls are designed and tested as […] filtration. You can think of it sort of as walls filled with Brita.”

In order to encourage public interaction and educate people about their waterways, + POOL teamed up with Google Drive to make an app where people can see how clean (or dirty) NY waterways are, and what effect + POOL may be having on water quality in real-time. “Using Google Drive’s API we built a public water quality dashboard that allows anybody to see at any given time what the quality and health of the river actually is from the point of where we’re testing at Pier 40 at Hudson River Park,” said Coates.

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According to Coates, + POOL is currently looking to finalize the location of its full-size floating pool (possibly off of Brooklyn Bridge Park) and is aiming to launch in 2016. Want to help make + POOL a reality and be immortalized on the its walls when it’s complete? Head to the website to purchase a pool wall tile engraved with your custom message.

+ POOL Water Quality Dashboard


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