Dramatic stills from movies like “I am Legend” and “The Day After Tomorrow” have been circulating since Hurricane Sandy first hit, tricking thousands into thinking they were real depictions of the storm’s fury. But the Port Authority recently released actual footage of the flooding of two PATH stations that is so fantastical, it could be mistaken for a Hollywood blockbuster. Click above to see one of the videos, which shows water nearly covering turnstile cardswipes and an elevator shaft in the Hoboken station bursting at the seams with massive amounts of water that never seem to stop pouring in.

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During the first day after the hurricane, it was hard to tell what images were real and which were just internet hoaxes. The Statue of Liberty being engulfed in waves may have been a fake, but these unbelievable videos of water pouring out of doors and filling up subway stations are in fact authentic.

We all know that the PATH train was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, but these new videos released by the Port Authority give a glimpse into just how hard. The nearly month-old old footage may shed some light into why PATH service has still not been restored completely.

Via Gothamist