The Empire State Building’s energy-efficient LED lights have been adding a bright burst of color to the NYC skyline, and now it looks like One World Trade Center will be joining in on some of the luminous fun. A few New York night owls have noticed the Port Authority testing the lights that adorn 1 WTC’s famous spire in the middle of the night, but whether or not the tower will host full-on LED lightshows like the ESB’s remains to be seen.

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The Durst Organization, a partial owner of One World Trade Center, has already fitted LEDs onto the spires of its other buildings at 4 Times Square and One Bryant Park, and from sporadic test runs seen by some vigilant New Yorkers, it looks like the world’s tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere will be getting the same treatment. Currently, the 1,776-foot-tall building is still lit by construction lights with a single red dot atop its spire to signal airplanes.

The Empire State is one building that recently went through an LED makeover. Beforehand, the landmark building used dank floodlights, which needed to be fitted with colored gels that only came in 10 primary colors. But now with over 1,200 LEDs, the Empire State can display 16 million colors in vivid combinations. On top of its colorful lightshows, LEDs have helped Manhattan’s most famous landmark save $4.7 million in energy savings within the first two years following the green retrofit.

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