Newly re-elected President Barack Obama will arrive in New York today to visit areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Accompanied by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg, Obama will partake in an aerial and walking tour of a borough neighborhood hit hard by the storm, but exactly which one is being kept a secret for now.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency set up the tour and itinerary for Obama, but has not disclosed which neighborhood the president will be visiting. This morning, the president flew in on Air Force One with Senator Charles E. Schumer and Senator Kirsten E. Gillbrand, landing at JFK.

The president had planned to visit our Sandy-ravaged city soon after the hurricane hit on October 29th. But fearing that a high profile presidential visit would disrupt the much needed emergency clean up, Mayor Bloomberg had requested that the president hold off until recovery was more under control.

Today, Obama will accompany Cuomo and Bloomberg on a helicopter tour before hitting the streets. Previous reports about the visit hint that the trio may be walking around affected parts of Staten Island, since it had the highest death toll directly related to the hurricane.

Last month’s New Jersey visit made the hurricane damage very real for the president, who was quoted saying “We are here for you and will not forget. WE will not quit until this is done.”

Via NY Times

Lead image via Obama