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Morning coffee or tea is essential to many of us for our morning commute. Although we should be bringing along our own reusable thermoses when refueling at the local café, we can still prevent waste, even if using a paper cup! The ubiquitous cardboard sleeves used by every cafe may keep our fingers protected from the steaming hot deliciousness inside, but they are just another item that goes into the landfill.

Pretty Offensive’s reusable coffee cozies are each hand knit in a variety of colors. They easily fit over any disposable cup, insulating more than a cardboard cuff. After use, they can be easily inside your bag, pocket, or even on your wrist like a sweatband. Should you have a coffee accident, they can be popped right into the wash with your regular clothes, then air dried!

The best part? Pretty Offensive’s coffee cozies express your witty, snarky humor. Taking after the disclaimer “Warning: Contents Extremely Hot,” each of these gritty cozies is emblazoned with “F*CKING HOT!” knit right into the pattern.

For now, these cozies are only available online for just $10, in Pretty Offensive’s Etsy shop, but look out for Pretty Offensive coffee cozies in Williamsburg and Greenpoint cafes soon!

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