The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan just launched an exciting exhibition highlighting innovative packaging designs that use sustainable materials. Project Carton was created with the help of Evergreen Packaging Partners and GrowNYC, and it centers around a student competition to find the best and most eco-friendly gable-topped carton designs. The top contestants’ entries will be on display until January 30th at the college’s streetfront gallery at the Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center.

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Project Carton replicates a super market experience, showcasing examples of sustainable gable-topped packaging amongst shopping carts, refrigerator cases and grocery store shelving. Designed by FIT students, the interactive exhibition seeks to spotlight the value of sustainable design by presenting it in the relatable context of a grocery store. The cartons designed are a collaboration with Evergreen Packaging cartons, which are not only recyclable themselves, but also made up of more than 70% recycled paper.

The exhibit also features informative wall texts highlighting GrowNYC’s successful carton Recycling Champions Program, which works with 100 New York City schools to initiate school-wide recycling. Four student winners were announced including Jennifer Ahern in the milk category and overall winner, Samiel Laury in the juice category, Carla Yuen in the milk substitute category and Vanessa Magbanua in the other category. The winners, along with other entries, can be seen in the front gallery at FIT at 7th Avenue and 27th Street.

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