The 2005 plan for the Brooklyn Bridge Park mandated that the park be self sustaining financially. In a move to make that a reality, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation (BBPC) sent out the Pier 1 Hotel & Residential Development Request for Proposal (RFP) for a combined residential, hotel and restaurant development to be built on the property directly abutting the park. The stellar views, prime real estate, and highly anticipated development attracted some pretty stellar names in the architecture and hospitality world. Those draws combined with the park’s dedication to sustainability resulted in proposals slathered with green roofs, green walls, and publicly accessible green spaces.

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The RFP for the development mandated a lot of the green elements that the proposals reflect. BBPC requested green spaces on ground level, public access to restrooms, storm water retention system connections to the park, a mass of trees on street level and a general sense of sustainability for the project. The projects were unveiled at a public meeting on November 22nd about the development, and the end of the public comment is just a few weeks away on December 22nd. The short window for the public’s review of the proposals and a general sense that BBPC hasn’t been transparent enough in the development process has many community members and BBP advisory members upset.

The meeting on November 22nd was the only planned meeting about the development before the December 22nd deadline. In addition to the small window for public comment, BBPC has released little information about the specifics of the buildings — energy use, type of building materials and impact of construction of the buildings are all missing from the very visual presentation of the projects — and they have also noted they’ll be releasing no financial information about the project until a winner is chosen. “We maintain that Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation’s schedule for review of the proposals does not offer adequate opportunity for public review and comment,” Councilman Steve Levin, state Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblywoman Joan Millman who represent the area of DUMBO where the park is located wrote in a letter to the BBPC. “For a project as important as this, a single public presentation at a regular [community advisory council] meeting is inadequate.”

For now, we’re content to be dazzled by the green roofs and green spaces that abound in the projects proposed by the architecture and hospitality teams of Alloy Development and Starwood, Toll Brothers and Rogers Marvel, Extell and Beyer Blinder Belle, SDS and Leeser, Dermot and FX Fowle, WASA/ Studio A and Two Trees, and finally RAL and CDA.

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Lead image: rendering of the Dermot and FX Fowle proposal