Lower East Side residents are fed up with the unkempt conditions at Seward Park and they’re ready to do something about the problem. In its current condition, the century-old green space is more reflective of a garbage dump than of a place where children come to play. Despite several neighborhood clean-up efforts and requests made to the Parks Department to improve staffing and maintenance, the area remains riddled with trash and infested by vermin and overgrown weeds. In an effort to turn things around, The Friends of Seward Park and the local SPaCE block association have teamed together to raise funds to help bring the city’s oldest municipal park back up to snuff.

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“We do not know the reason that this particular park is left in such disrepair,” said Amy Robinson of the Friends of Seward Park group in an interview with The Lo-Down NY. “Right now it’s dangerous, and sometimes it’s a little scary because of the rats, and it’s dirty and unwelcoming.”

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To hasten the efforts of the clean up and beautification of the park, The Friends of Seward Park group is establishing a non-profit conservancy to garner donations to pay for things like hiring an exterminator, purchasing new trash cans and getting more staff for the park. The group is also submitting more long-term priorities and requests such as renovating the park’s recreational building and landscaping in front of the Seward Park Library to be included in the city’s capital budget.

For more information about Friends of Seward Park and their mission to make the park more appealing, visit their website.

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