Brooklyn-based Mi Mesita creates sustainable wooden furniture designed especially for smaller spaces like New York apartments. Their handmade, thoughtfully-designed pieces are meant to be functional and durable so that they can be moved from home to home with minimal wear and tear. Headquartered in Red Hook, the designers use only domestic woods to create heirlooms meant to outlive those of their famous big-box neighbor.

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Many New Yorkers have embraced tiny living, mastering the art of well-organized studio apartments. But the rest of us must deal with the conundrum of fitting regular-sized furniture into smaller spaces. Mi Mesita has set out to let New Yorkers have it all – well-designed pieces that also fit our cramped lifestyles.

Each of Mi Mesita’s pieces is meant to have a double use, to transition from one function to another as New Yorkers tend to move often, and change up their living spaces. Their innovative designs include split tables made from natural slices of walnut, that can be used together as one big table when guests arrive, or separately as end tables by day. Coffee tables can come with storage, to optimize space, and smaller end tables were created to transition from bedside tables to lamp stands for living rooms.

The Red Hook designers also create custom goods that can be tailored to fit the needs of any apartment.

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