Silverstein Properties recently revealed a new change to the design of 3 World Trade Center, which has been under construction since 2013. Instead of being topped with towering masts, the roof of the building will be much more streamlined. This revision is in response to the reveal of the design for the building’s next-door neighbor, Bjarke Ingels’ 2 World Trade Center, and a reminder that even the best-laid plans can always be tweaked for the better.

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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners is the architecture firm behind the design for 3 WTC, also known as 175 Greenwich Street. The original World Trade Center complex is pictured in the rendering above, including the initial design for 2 WTC by Foster + Partners, and the inclusion of rooftop spires on 3 WTC. After BIG‘s design was revealed a few weeks ago, confirming it had ousted Foster + Partners original concept, the architects of 3 WTC had to reevaluate how their design would fit into the complex.

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“When we reviewed 3 WTC in relation to the new design of 2 WTC, we realized the two buildings complemented each other and the Libeskind Master Plan best without the masts,” the architects said in a statement. “Therefore, they are not included in the final design.”

Upon its completion in 2018, 3WTC will be the third tallest building in the World Trade Center complex, standing 1,170 feet tall. The 80-story tower will house a staggering 2.5 million square feet of office space in addition to 300,000 square feet of retail.

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Images via Silverstein Properties