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The U.S. East Coast has been scrambling to prepare for Hurricane Sandy all weekend, and it seems that the storm’s effects are already showing in a severe way. Water levels have been rising in Brooklyn and Manhanttan today, and breaking reports say that Atlantic City is feeling some of the worst effects, with floodwaters already surging through the streets of this typically bustling tourist town.

Hurricane Sandy, Atlantic City
Image via NOAA

If ever there were an example of a perfect storm, this could be it. Hurricane Sandy is just one of several menacing weather systems poised to converge over the mid-Atlantic states.  Coupled with a winter storm coming from the west and cold air coming down from Canada, this Frankenstorm has the potential to leave 60 million people without power for days. Flooding and damage caused by downed tree limbs could cause millions in damage. HuffPo reports that pounding waves have already broken up sections of the Atlantic City boardwalk and “heavy timbers” have been spotted floating down Atlantic Avenue. Early today, the city’s public safety director told the Associated Press that “most of the city is under water.”

The National Weather Service warns that the storm is poised to make a direct strike on New Jersey and could cause devastation across the length of the state.

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