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New York-based architect Andrew Franz will be designing two new beach-like bungalows containing a cafe and restaurant at the Marina, while community members are pushing for an eco-dock to float alongside the greenery, welcoming both small and large water vessels. Part of Mayor Bloomberg’s Waterfront Action Agenda, the development will connect to both the Hudson River bike path and the Manhattan Greenway, making eco-travel all the way up the island of New York super fun and easy.

The Parks Department is also getting involved, with a new initiative called the Lighthouse Link, which is aimed at sprucing up the overgrown area between the Dyckman Amtrak station and the Hudson waterfront only 100 feet away. A new bike path, pedestrian trail, and eco-friendly lighting will make the train stop more friendly and enjoyable. Due to be finished next summer, a sunny weekend retreat is only a boat, train, car, even bike ride away!

+ Andrew Franz

via Architect’s Newspaper