Furniture designer Roberto Gil appreciates the unique character of reclaimed wood.  Each grain, flaw, and age mark tells a story, and Gil uses these characteristics to his benefit when building furniture. In a Meatpacking District loft, Gil used reclaimed wood from a farmhouse in Upstate New York to create this beautiful cabinetry.

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The floor to ceiling build in is fully clad in reclaimed wood. The wood was sourced from a quaint farm house in Upstate New York, whose beautiful wood was disassembled and preserved to construct a special piece for a lucky buyer. Picking through the vintage plank bounty, Gil chose pieces with the best color, texture and preservation to build the shelving in the client’s loft.

Flecks of color and patina from the boards’ former life were kept, making the cabinet truly special. Held together with bolted steel angles, the cabinetry was hand brushed, and a protective clear coat was applied to preserve the unique grain and wear that gives the pieces their charm.

Using reclaimed lumber preserves a bit of architectural history, giving new pieces a story with their function. It also helps recycle usable materials, keeping them out of our landfills.

+ Roberto Gil