Without proper bike lanes, the simple act of riding can become a life-threatening affair. That’s why a group of rogue bicycling activists who call themselves “Right of Way” have taken matters into their own hands. This past weekend, the group was seen spray-painting unsanctioned bike lane markers on roadways around Midtown Manhattan. Do you think their actions were warranted or was this just a blatant act of vandalism? Tell us in the comments below.

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About a year ago, the New York Times reported that biker and pedestrian fatalities were on the rise again in the Big Apple. The numbers prove what cyclists in NYC already know – more bike lines and clear road signage is needed to remind both riders and drivers that the road belongs to everyone. And no, bike lanes aren’t extra parking for cars.

Over the weekend, Right of Way members could be seen extending the bike lane on Avenue of the Americas, past its boundary at 42nd Street, to Central Park, using homemade stencils and spray paint.

“We’re doing something for the public good,” Keegan Stephan, one of the founders of the group, told the NY Times. “So I think it’s O.K., even if it’s illegal.”

Colin Moynihan, who wrote the New York Times story on Right of Way’s project, observed that by Sunday afternoon, “Most motor vehicles appeared to avoid driving in the newly created lanes, but others passed over the logos. A stream of bicyclists rode in the lanes, including Kalyn Fink, a consultant from Chelsea, who was riding a Citi Bike.”

via NY Times

Images: Richard Masoner and carltonreid