On Wednesday, the New York area will welcome a new rooftop solar power plant just north of NYC in Yonkers. Designed by Half Moon Ventures, a Chicago-based solar and wind energy developer, the sprawling solar plant will be around the same size as two football fields! The $5 million project will provide energy to the i.Park Hudson industrial and office complex that sits below it, allowing tenants to power their businesses with less strain on the grid.

green design, eco design, sustainable design, Yonkers, Half Moon Ventures, largest solar roof in WEstchester, i.Park Hudson, Hudson COmplex Solar Power Plant, Skil-Care Corporation, Kawasaki Rail, St Josephs HospitalWhat the new installation might look like.

The ambitious project is Half Moon Ventures’ first foray into the New York area, and will debut in a ceremony on Wednesday at i.Park Hudson, the 24-acre complex that the solar array will cover. Over 3,700 solar panels are being installed on i.Park Hudson’s rooftops, over 110,00 square feet.

The Hudson Complex Solar Power Plant is one of the largest in New York State, and the largest solar farm in Westchester County. The tenants of the technology, office and industrial complex beneath the rooftops are heavy energy users, so the renewable energy source on the roof will offset a lot of power that would otherwise come right from the grid.

Among the operating companies are the New York State Division of Motor Vehicles, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Skil-Care Corporation and Kawasaki Rail Cars. The solar power generated through the rooftop farm will help alleviate traditional electricity consumption amongst all of the tenants. The solar farm will also help reduce energy costs, increase property value, regulate utility costs and create jobs. The entire complex will be less reliant on Con Edison and be able to derive an average of 15% of its power from the sun.

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